STAB KILL DIE and SUBMERGED added to Darkside Releasing’s Odyssey Blu-ray Series!

Creepy Six Films’ STAB KILL DIE!, the brand new re-working of the blood-splattered sexy viral hit “Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan” hits #bluray this #Boxingday for the first time ever — from Darkside Releasing! And on this very day, the first-ever Blu-ray release of the Australian Giallo SUBMERGED also joins Darkside Releasing’s Odyssey Series — and as if this weren’t enough, the SUBMERGED Blu-ray also comes with an entire bonus feature film — the sexy European giallo Frost, which co-stars cult icon and quintessential scream queen Linnea Quigley! (Yes, that’s TWO full gialli for the price of one! A killer double-feature indeed!) #giallo #wildgenrefilms #darksidereleasing