Stab Kill Die! Odyssey Blu-ray

Horror-Comedy | 79 min. | CAN | 2019 | TRAILER

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A woman, unaware that she’s being manipulated by a gory, alien sex-parasite, suddenly finds herself thrust into a world of bloody horror as her own reality collides with a group of Satan-worshiping young cheerleaders who murder and cannibalize their way through the dark woods.

Thus is the storyline of STAB KILL DIE (2020), a project undertaken by Creepy Six Films founder Vince D’Amato (ODISSEA DELLA MORTE; CARMILLA) in which he would construct a new movie from the bones – and a little flesh – from earlier film , SEX & DEATH: 1977 (2008), THE HARD CUT (2012) and CATHOLIC CHEERLEADERS FROM SATAN (2014). In doing so, writer-director D’Amato has created a new universe consisting of wild characters embodied by the talented Vancouver exploitation stalwarts of that time period, including Danielle Korda, Jennifer Wright, Janessa O’Hearn, Laura Leone Hancock, and Kacie Heart, plus many others!

Never before seen in all of its unexpurgated glory, STAB KILL DIE is the ultimate integral cut of the last of Creepy Six Films’ retro-horror-comedies, and a truly fitting swan song to Vancouver’s first-ever Midnight-Movie Production Company.

Starring: Jennifer Wright, Janessa O’Hearn, Laura Leone Hancock, Kacie Heart, Danielle Korda, and Sarah Sands. Directed by: Vince D’Amato.

Fully Uncut & Uncensored 2019 Version!
Audio Commentary from the Director
Original Web Series “Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan”