Creepy Six Films’ 18th Anniversary and “Stab, Kill, Die” 2019!


This December, Friday the 13th, marks the actual 18th anniversary of Creepy Six Films. While Creepy Six Films has continued to to creep forward through the past decade, in actual fact, there have been no official productions from the Vancouver Midnight Movie company since 2011, when we wrapped up “Catholic Cheerleders for Satan”. However, there was plenty of content that had been produced between 2005-2011, a lot of episodic series and shorts that interconnected in a somewhat bizarre Creepy Six Films universe that features quite a few indie film stars working in Vancouver at the time, including Kacie Hart (“When Life was Good”), local comedienne Laura Leone Hancock (“Hell Hath No Fury”), and Danielle Korda, who became known for a series of Canadian car commercials. Now, to celebrate the 18th anniversary, Creepy Six Films will be releasing the never-before-seen “STAB, KILL, DIE!”, which is a brand…

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