Submerged (Australian Giallo) Odyssey Blu-ray

Horror/Giallo | 90 min. | Australia | 2011 | TRAILER

In this Australian giallo from 2011, Lindsay is a teenage girl with a unique gift, but one that might literally be the death of her. In the small town of Willow Point, she discovers how evil can flourish in the commonest of places.

SUBMERGED is a supernatural serial killer thriller that goes beyond the stereotypical horror film; inspired by the sub-genre of Italian giallo films, Submerged takes the audience through its stylistic and twisting tropes inherent to the cult genre; including grisly deaths, voyeurism, and a taut mystery narrative bathed in flashy photography.

Submerged makes its North American Blu-ray debut through Darkside Releasing!

Directed by Ben McKenzie, Starring Ella Roberts, Nicole Mazurek, Ben Crawford.

Audio Commentary from the Filmmakers
Filmmakers’ Q&A
Full Second Feature Film: The sexy European giallo “FROST” co-starring American cult scream queen Linnea Quigley!
“Frost” Special 2019 Introduction