New Titles from Darkside Releasing on August 16th, 2022

NEW for this summer, it’s the “Attack of the Killer Double Features”! We have the first four films from director Rodrigo Aragão and the makers of the bonkers “The Black Forest”, on 2 new double-feature Blu-rays featuring guest director Coffin Joe; plus our first two releases from prolific NYC (and very Troma-esque) indie filmmaker Dylan Mars Greenberg, “Re-Agitator” and “Wakers” (featuring Lloyd Kaufman himself!); and our Canuxploitation double-feature with “Alien Trespass”, a 50’s sci-fi alien invasion throwback starring Eric McCormack as the alien hunter and Robert Patrick as the small-town cop, and “Shadow Puppets”, a horrorshow set inside an asylum starring James Marsters from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and cult icon Tony Todd. All four of these double-feature Blu-rays (8 films in all) are available at a very special summer bundle price exclusively at

In addition to the bundle, we’re also re-releasing the lost Euro-giallo “Frost”, featuring scream queen Linnea Quigley, as a double-feature Blu-ray with the lost zany crime/comedy film “Killing Zelda Sparks”

All films will ship on August 16th, and all pricing on our website is in Canadian dollars! Streaming for most of the titles will also go live on August 16th. Check out the website for more info and trailers!

Happy weekend!