Domiziano Cristopharo’s and Adam Ford’s “Just a Child ” also hitting Blu-ray from Darkside Releasing in February

Darkside Releasing is proud to present the official Blu-ray for Domiziano Cristopharo’s/Adam Ford’s JUST A CHILD on February 9th, 2021! Specially-priced Pre-sales for this Exclusive Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will begin a week prior (Feb. 2nd) and all copies will start shipping out on the 9th.

Fans of Italian gialli and Euro-horror will have a blast with celebrated indie-horror filmmaker Domiziano Cristopharo’s Just a Child, which also boasts an incredible giallo-inspired soundtrack and visuals akin to the best works of the famed Mario Bava!

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Behind-the-Music
  • Bloopers
  • Trailer Reel
Just a Child – Coming Feb. 9th