Genre film distributor Darkside Releasing Celebrates Women in Horror month with five new genre releases directed by women!

To help celebrate the 12th year of Women in Horror Month, Darkside Releasing will release, on February 16th, Zetkin Yikilmis’s Planet Zee, Larissa Anzoategui’s Astaroth (starring Monica Mattos, Jacqueline Takara, and Ju Calaf) and her brand new, Jean Rollin-inspired Domina Nocturna; and a re-release of Diana Galimzyanova’s twisted film noir thriller The Lightest Darkness, which also happens to be the first-ever Russian film noir directed by a woman.Also in February, Darkside Releasing will be officially launching our first LGBTQ+ film, written and directed by Vancouver’s Alison Lynne Ward, on Blu-ray and VOD.

We are looking forward to celebrating women genre filmmakers this February and throughout the rest of 2021.