“Deadly Crush” now available to pre-order – Website Exclusive!!

DARKSIDE RELEASING is proud to announce that the Special Odyssey Edition Blu-ray (with Limited Slipcover!) is available to pre-order online now! The special 90s erotic-thriller-inspired will ONLY be available through direct online orders through our official website, the wide commercial release (sans slipcover) will be coming next month in North American retailers, and followed by a UK release through our international partners, 101 International.

The Darkside Releasing #bluray release will come day-and-date with an exclusive VOD #DarksideonDemand digital release.

DEADLY CRUSH is directed by Dakota Aesquivel and stars Aria London as an artist who takes up residency at a secluded cabin to jumpstart her creative career — and following several erotic spectal-sexual encounters, she suddenly abandons the town and ends up on the run from a protective small-town sheriff (William Sadler; Demon Knight, Die Hard 2, The Shawshank Redemption) and a creepy ex-priest (Courtney Gains; Children of the Corn, The ‘Burbs) after a violent rapist is found dead in her cabin. Also starring comedienne Judy Tenuta.