Major monthly update from Darkside Releasing

Hello and best wishes to our wonderful fans, customers, and film producers. As we all move ahead into the further months of the COVID-19 pandemic, @darksidereleasing would like to bring you a few important updates, direct & first-hand…

Firstly, we are very pleased and proud to announce that as of today Day of the Stranger and Trash Arts’ The Millennial Killer are officially available to purchase on #bluray, both With Exclusive Slipcover and Non-Slipcover options. However, and very importantly, in addition to the slipcovers, the blu-rays purchased through our official website will contain EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL FEATURES! The Millennial Killer #darksidereleasing blu-ray will feature a director’s commentary, crew interviews, and TWO Trash Arts short films, which will not be available on the upcoming commercial retail release (later this year). Likewise, Day of the Stranger features two audio commentaries and behind-the-scenes interviews which won’t be available on the future wide-retail release. Whether you purchase these films With or Without a slipcover, all purchases made directly through our official website will contain all of these Exclusive Special Features. Last month’s #girlskickass titles, “Girls Guns and Blood” and “Take Back the Knife” are also included in this new release structure, which is blatantly intended to encourage traffic to our office website, to the benefit of our producers.

Secondly, and VERY IMPORTANTLY, due to increasing international shipping expenses, as of MAY 1st, 2020, all of the shipping costs outside of North America will see a price increase. We sincerely apologize that we’ve had to succumb to a necessary price increase for this, but the costs of shipping outside of North America have now started to negatively affect our ability to maintain producers’ deserved royalties for their amazing films.

Thirdly, and lastly (thank you sweet baby Jeezus, right?), we are still experiencing a slowdown in shipping due to the business affects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and everyone’s patience is certainly appreciated at this time. All of our blu-rays are being shipped, and once they go they’re literally out of our hands. We continue to trust in the postal service and all of the important workers who continue to make this all happen for all of us.

Thank you all — our producers, our fans, our customers, and our collaborators, who have continued to ride this wave of apocalyptic weirdness with us. We truly and sincerely appreciate every person and every aspect we all bring to this wild and wonderful business. This is what makes life.

Very truly,
Darkside Releasing.


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