The British Invasion – from Darkside Releasing!

Tomorrow, Friday April 17th, Darkside Releasing will be opening PRE-ORDERS for The Millennial Killer and Day of the Stranger #blurays – PLEASE NOTE that due to limitations caused by COVID-19, there will be a PURCHASE OPTION for versions with EXCLUSIVE SLIPCOVERS – the Slipcovers will be shipped separately from the Blu-ray at a later date, as soon as we can have the slipcovers manufactured.

However, if you wish to simply purchase these titles from our new #BritishCollection WITHOUT the Slipcovers (or the “Day of the Stranger” Liner Notes), you may also do this, at a slightly reduced price.

Those who would like to order the full versions with the Slipcovers will get the Slipcovers (and the “Day of the Stranger” Liner Notes) shipped at no extra charge as soon as they become available. Moving forward, we foresee that the next 4 to 6 releases from Darkside Releasing will follow this new option, until things get back on track.

We hope you enjoy these two killer films from our new British Collection Blu-rays! Blu-rays start shipping on April 28th.

Very truly,

Darkside Releasing