Darkside Releasing Newsletter – August, 2018 – The Store

Darkside Releasing is proud to announce a new line up of Collectors’ Series Blu-ray Media Packs! These never-before-published editions will feature exclusive special features and 16-page full-color booklets, with most editions boasting a DUAL Blu-ray package. The new line-up launches August 2018 with Rob Grant’s zombie gore-a-thon Yesterday”, making it #1 in this elite numbered series – future releases will include Reversed (#2), Glass (#3) and Amazon Hot Box! (#4)  – exclusively from Darkside Releasing!

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Coming soon to Blu-ray: August 25th!

Yesterday_2018_Poster_WEBYesterday follows the lives of six complete strangers in the middle of a zombie outbreak! As each person struggles to survive, their actions begin to have repercussions around the dying city, which culminates in a stand-off at the local grocery store. There, the remaining few decide to band together and flee to the wilderness. Once camp is built however, they find that the living dead are not their only danger as they begin to turn on one another in a struggle for power and control.

Rob Grant, the director of the 2018 cult festival hit Fake Blood, shot Yesterday on 16mm film in 2009. This, his first horror feature, had also become a hit on the genre festival circuit, channeling the wild, over-the-top energy, gore, and cult film sensibilities of J.R. Bookwalter’s The Dead Next Door and Lief Jonker’s Darkness!

Darkside Releasing is extremely proud to present Rob Grant’s apocalyptic zombie gore-fest on Home Video for the first time – anywhere! PRE-ORDER HERE!  ($30.99 CAD)