Darkside Releasing is proud to announce a new line up of Collectors’ Series Blu-ray Media Packs! These never-before-published (numbered) editions will feature exclusive special features, limited slipcovers and 16-page full-color booklets, with most editions boasting a DUAL Blu-ray package. The new line-up launches August 2018 with Rob Grant’s zombie gore-a-thon Yesterday”, making it #1 in this elite numbered series – future releases will include Reversed (#2), Glass (#3) and Amazon Hot Box! (#4)  – exclusively from Darkside Releasing! Our blu-rays are officially authorized MOD BD-Rs up to a limited number, and we will not print more than those authorized numbers.


Available Now | October 2nd

AMAZON HOT BOX (COLLECTORS’ SERIES #4): MEDIA-PACK Blu-ray edition! – Specially priced at $29.99


This very exclusive Canadian Edition/Darkside Releasing Media-Pack Blu-ray of director James Bickert’s AMAZON HOT BOX features an exclusive Audio Commentary from star Tristan Risk and executive producer David Aboussafy (moderated by Vince D’Amato), interviews with Tristan Risk and David Aboussafy, plus the exclusive full-color 16-page BOOKLET and limited-edition SLIPCOVER With the original Amazon Hot Box poster artwork!

…An innocent American college student named Penny is erroneously apprehended during a dissident round-up in the banana republic of Rattica and tossed into a jungle hellhole. Incarcerated into the island penal system overseen by Wardress Von Krupp, who is constructing the world’s greatest information extractor, Penny must now fight for her life against the evil wardress, psycho inmates, crocodiles, religious zealots, voodoo-based experiments, and the Incredible Torture Machine. Life is cheap and the jungle explodes in Amazon Hot Box.

“Fucking brilliant… the last thing that I expected was to laugh as much as I did. Chock full of gals, guns and pure excitement, it’s got all the red stuff you could ask for… Believe me, there is nothing out there like Amazon Hot Box and there never will be. This is pure fun made for the movie going audience that rarely gets this kind of treat. Its blend of humour and sleaze is both exciting and charming… don’t miss your chance to see your favourite movie of 2018.” ~ Blaine McLaren | The Farsighted Blog

Directed by: James Bickert (Frankenstein Created Bikers), Starring: Tristan Risk, Ellie Church.   Street date: October 2nd

Available Now! | September 18th

GLASS (COLLECTORS’ SERIES #3): DUAL Blu-ray edition! – Specially priced at $30.99


Erotic-Thriller-Drama | 87 min. | CANADA | 2016  |  Inspired by the sensual and violent world of Italian giallo films, Glass tells the tale of a young couple, Mike and Zarana, who decide to cut themselves off from social media and remain in their glass-walled apartment overlooking their city. Anxiety, paranoia, violence, and murder follows. The COLLECTORS’ SERIES MEDIA PACK #3 – DUAL BLU-RAY includes expansive special features, including two short films, director’s audio commentary, music videos, never-before-seen deleted scenes, plus the all-new alternative black & white version of the film (BOTH versions of GLASS are available in this media pack), along with a 16-page BOOKLET and Darkside Releasing’s exclusive SLIPCOVER.

Glass was an international film festival hit in 2016, even landing in one critic’s “Top 15 of the year” list.
2016 film festival winner for Best Feature Film, Best Music (two wins), Best Actress – Tirra Dent (one win, additional nomination).

Directed by: Vince D’Amato (Carmilla; The Valley of the Rats). Starring: Tirra Dent (The Evil in Us), Casey Manderson, Jason Beaudoin (Pneuma).

Available now! | September 18th

REVERSED (COLLECTORS’ SERIES #2): DUAL Blu-ray edition! – Specially priced at $30.99


Erotic-Thriller | 65 min. | ITALY/UK | 2015  |  Reversed tells the twisted tale of Asia, a globe-trotting socialite who winds up involved in murder, sex, and mayhem. Is someone really after her, or is she completely delusional and paranoid? Exploring the bloody back-story through her three lovers, Asia’s tale of eroticism and violence is a twisting journey through a disturbed and passionate mind that will leave the viewer thinking back on it long after the film has finished.

The COLLECTORS’ SERIES MEDIA PACK #2 – DUAL BLU-RAY includes exclusive, never-before-seen special features including extensive behind-the-scenes footage and stills, a new 2018 Director’s Audio Commentary, plus a 16-page BOOKLET and Darkside Releasing’s exclusive SLIPCOVER.  Original Italian dialogue with optional English subtitles.

Directed by: Vince D’Amato (Glass; Valley of the Rats), Starring: Victoria Hopkins (Doghouse), Jade Parker, Zoe Wellman, Dan Richardson, Cengiz Dervis.


YESTERDAY (COLLECTORS’ SERIES #1): DUAL Blu-ray edition! – Specially priced at $30.99


This double Blu-ray edition of director Rob Grant’s 2009 gore-a-thon “Yesterday” follows the lives of six complete strangers in the middle of a zombie outbreak! As each person struggles to survive, their actions begin to have repercussions around the dying city, which culminates in a stand-off at the local grocery store. There, the remaining few decide to band together and flee to the wilderness. Once camp is built however, they find that the living dead are not their only danger as they begin to turn on one another in a struggle for power and control.

Rob Grant, the director of the 2018 cult festival hit Fake Blood, shot Yesterday on 16mm film in 2009. This, his first horror feature, had also become a hit on the genre festival circuit, channeling the wild, over-the-top energy, gore, and cult film sensibilities of J.R. Bookwalter’s The Dead Next Door and Lief Jonker’s Darkness!

Aug. 24th

The Lightest Darkness: Blu-ray special edition! – Specially priced at $20.99


The first-ever female directed Russian film noir — with reverse chronology. When a neurotic private eye, who is struggling to finish his last case, takes a train voyage to confront the inevitability of his investigation’s conclusion, his own dark secrets begin to reveal themselves… Spurred by film-noir momentum and Kafkian conundrum, The Lightest Darkness is a visually thrilling neo-noir set around the fictional City of “N” as two fearless women board a train for a dangerous trip. Arina (Irina Gevorgyan), an obstinate screenwriter who is currently seeking crime-related inspiration for a new video game, and Elina (Marina Voytuk), a self-reliant pianist who has witnessed the murder of a serial killer; share their car with Musin (Rashid Aitouganov), an insomniac, neurotic, and traumatized private detective who has been riding on the same train for six months, and whose bizarre behavior leads them to believe that he may be the killer.


Aug. 24th

Soviet Zombie Invasion | The Unfortunate Life of Georgina Spelvin Chained to a Radiator: Blu-ray special edition! – Specially priced at $20.99


“The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue meets Nymphomaniac!” –

Darkside Releasing is proud to present two of Italian director Andreas Marfori’s (Evil Clutch, Evil Clutch 2) latest genre films! In SOVIET ZOMBIE INVASION, a group of young adults head outside of Moscow to explore the dilapidated remains of the city’s industrial complex, only to discover the dead, rotting secrets hidden within its walls… and they soon find themselves the subjects of their own terrifying discoveries! Meanwhile, in THE UNFORTUNATE LIFE OF GEORGINA SPELVIN CHAINED TO A RADIATOR, the titular woman in question heads into the city for a clandestine rendezvous with an online mate — only to become one of the city’s unwilling victims of torture and depravity. This double-shot of Italian auteur Andreas Marfori exemplifies the filmmakers’ take on society’s fears within the post-authoritarian cultures of Eastern Europe.


Purchase – $29.99

Valley of the Rats: ULTRA-LIMITED TRIPLE Blu-ray edition (100 copies) – $29.99


As advertised, this limited triple-Blu-ray edition features both of the Canadian/Festival cuts of “Valley of the Rats” plus an available-in-this-edition-only, one-of-a-kind Blu-ray of Tristan Risk and the Caravan of Creeps’ 2017 live burlesque performance “Game Over” – which also features an audio commentary by actors/performers Tristan Risk and Jesse Inocalla!


Coming NEXT to Blu-ray!

“5 Movies, 5 Days, 5 Bucks” [E-Book]:

Book_Cover_v2_5movies Adventures in independent filmmaking — during the heyday of the Video Store era!

Written by Vince D’Amato, director of Vampires vs. Zombies and Human Nature, author of the monthly “Absolute Horror” column in the Canadian print magazine Absolute Underground, and guest lecturer for UBC’s Cult Film class in their Department of Film Studies.

E-Book only $6.99 from Darkside Releasing!