SHOCK – Odyssey Blu-ray

Horror | 89 min. | Italy | 2013 | TRAILER

In the first half of this highly regarded two-part horror/arthouse anthology, we see Yuri and Max, who have been friends for a lifetime, spending their evenings drinking and discussing their lives. But this particular evening will be their last, as unknown forces lurk in the shadows, following them closely…

The second tale of horror and madness sees housewife Celeste and her husband rent a country house for the holidays. Left alone in the house, Celeste begins to experience horrible visions of previous deaths that seem to emerge from the cracks in the walls… And as her mind gives way to insanity, she is maliciously mocked by the skeptical and rational husband.

Directors: Domiziano Cristopharo, Alessandro Redaelli. Stars: Yuri Antonosante, Lucia Batassa, Nancy de Lucia, Valentina Iusi.

16-Page Booklet
“Making SHOCK” (13 min. / Italian)
Interview with director/producer Domiziano Cristopharo