Re-Agitator – Blu-ray

A pair of very Troma-esque camp horror comedies from Dylan Mars Greenberg, featuring Lloyd Kaufman himself!
Camp / Comedy-Horror | USA | 2017 | 118 min. | TRAILER

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– Director’s Audio Commentary
– Music Videos
– Trailers
– Includes the Feature Film “WAKERS”…
– …and “MAKERS”, The Making of “Wakers”.

Goth superstar Aurelio Voltaire and original gangsta rapper Schoolly D star in this cult camp catastrophe, where a beautiful aristocrat (Amanda Flowers) is resurrected by mad doctor Orbert Wescraft at the request of her obsessed husband (Rock N Roll legend Alan Merrill). But when When she rebels against the doctor and joins a cult of the zombies planning to resurrect their evil god, pandemonium ensues and only her husband, two wacky journalists (Yolpie Kaiser & Mickala McFarlane) a teenage girl hellbent on revenge (Sofe Cote). a stoned boy genius, and the President can save the world.

Director: Dylan Mars Greenberg.
Starring: Schoolly D, Aurelio Voltaire, Amanda Flowers, Alan Merrill

“WAKERS”: is an arthouse horror-comedy slasher film and an allegory on immoral capitalism. A rebellious young girl, Blessing, must stop a supernatural being who is murdering her friends, while Blessing’s demented sex-crazed therapist (Lloyd Kaufman) and the rest of the adults around her are caught up in their obsessive consumerism. And it all started when the corporations created and marketed a green substance to the masses, creating drug-induced nightmares which serve as a psychic doorway for the mysterious Bug Lord (Class of Nuke Em High’s Robert Prichard), who was driven mad by the very drug he created, and is now using the nightmares as a weapon to destroy everyone.

Director: Dylan Mars Greenberg.
Starring: Blessing C.S. Matt Katz Bohen, Amanda Flowers, Lloyd Kaufman, Steve Grillo