Mask of Thorn – Blu-ray

Horror | UK | 2019 | 104 min. | TRAILER
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Audio Commentary,
“Killing Teens” Interviews/Making-of Documentary,
Blooper Reel,
UK Exploitation Trailer Reel.

A “Skull-Crushingly Awesome” ( high-end horror/slasher film form Mycho Entertainment in the UK – Mask of Thorn stars Eve Oliver as Bethany Lovell, a young woman who has struggled to fit in her whole life. Between overbearing parents and her odd behavior she has always felt like she was on the outside. That is, until Avondale’s popular clique kidnap her for a surprise birthday party to celebrate her sweet sixteen. What they don’t realist is that Bethany is now the target of the urban legend known as ‘Thorn’ and tonight he has returned for her – and as the Bloodletting Behemoth cuts his way through the small town in search of his latest victim, nothing will stand in his way!

Directed by MJ Dixon. Starring: Eve Oliver, Sophie Bryant, Maria Lee Metheringham