Beyond Fury – Blu-ray

Violent Crime | UK | 2021 | 112 min. | TRAILER

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Director’s Audio Commentary
Behind-the-Scenes on the Visual and Special Make-up FX.
Part 3 of the Fury Trilogy Making-of Documentary.
Fury Trilogy Trailer Reel.

The last in the FURY trilogy is finally here; Darkside Releasing is extremely proud to present the World Premiere of Darren Ward’s BEYOND FURY, which caps off a decades-long epic orgy of violence and vengeance that began with SUDDEN FURY (David Warbeck’s final film) and continued with A DAY OF VIOLENCE (both of these films are also available in a very special Dual-Blu-ray set form Darkside Releasing).

Michael Walker, an ex-Special Ops agent, has turned his back on his past and is about to start a new family with his wife Claudia. But a chance encounter with a crime syndicate foot soldier wipes out his future and sets off a brutal series of events, leading to bloody vengeance and redemption, reawakening the savagery that had earned Michael Walker, in his previous life, the moniker “Angel of Death”.

Director: Darren Ward. Cast: Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Dan van Husen, Nick Roberts, Jeff Stewart, Tina Barnes