Astaroth – Collector’s Blu-ray #25

Horror/Heavy Metal Horror | Brazil | 2017 | 75 min. | TRAILER
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Behind-the-Scenes with Music
Labore Lunae Music Video directed by Larissa Anzoategui
Shadows Legacy Music Video directed by Larissa Anzoategui
Women-in-Horror Trailer Reel
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Shrouded by the mists of time, the demon Astaroth has been forgotten. But there is always someone there to remember… Gregório is a tattoo artist obsessed with Astaroth, who promises unearthly desire and pleasure. Using his arcane knowledge, he intends to resurrect her from the edge of oblivion and bring her into the earthly world of the flesh. He ropes two young women into his plans: the determined tattoo artist Dri and the sweet guitarist Lia. But their friend Mai resists and she focuses her martial arts training towards defending them and raging against the designs of Hell.

Astaroth is a throwback movie to 80´s heavy metal horror, starring. Monica Mattos, the first Latin American actress to win the AVN Award. Also featuring songs by legendary British metal bands.

Directed by: Larissa Anzoategui. Starring: Monica Mattos, Janderson Tucunduva, Ju Calaf, Jacqueline Takara, Rodrigo Poli and Rentao Batarce.