The Devil’s Familiar & Season of the Witch – British Horror Double Feature

Horror | UK | 2020/2015 | 58 min. & 98 min. | TRAILER 1 | TRAILER 2

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The Making-of Season of the Witch
Audio Commentary on The Devil’s Familiar

A video camera is anonymously handed into Police, and DCI Barker explains to fellow CID officers, “This is the most bizarre & horrifying case I’ve ever worked on”. The extracted footage is projected onto a screen… The video was filmed by two university students, Elliott & Jake, who were studying the brutal “Ribbesford Woods Murders” which is surrounded by conspiracy theories and legends of a mythical creature living in Ribbesford woods. Were the killing that of an icy serial killer, or the result of the monstrous attacks by a different kind of monster…?

Don’t go into the woods… ever!
Mary Blackwell travels back to her hometown of Maiden Hollow to clear out her recently deceased father’s house. The villagers are initially hostile towards the new family, while local priest Michael Howdy takes an unhealthy interest in Mary’s daughter Alice. This sparks off a series of surreal fantasies in the priest, confusing Alice with his dead wife Isobel; the images invading his mind and bringing his sanity to a breaking point!

Directors: Kieran “Ran” Edwards, Peter Goddard. Starring: Uriel Davies, Kieran Edwards, Ross Mooney (The Devil’s Familiar), and Beth Kingston, Tim McConnell, Barry Robbins (Season of the Witch).