Soviet Zombie Invasion – Premiere Blu-ray

Horror | 62 min. | RUSSIA/ITALY | 2018 | OFFICIAL TRAILER HERE | BUY NOW $15.00 CAD + $4.50 Shipping

“Soviet Zombie Invasion” sees a group of young adults who head outside of Moscow’s city centre to explore the dilapidated remains of the city’s industrial complex, only to discover the dead, rotting secrets hidden within the walls… and they soon find themselves the victims of their own terrifying discoveries!
Meanwhile, in the self-explanatory second half of director Andreas Marfori’s film, “The Unfortunate Life of Georgina Spelvin Chained to a Radiator”, the titular woman in question heads into the city for a clandestine rendezvous with an online mate – only to become one of the city’s unwilling subjects of of torture and depravity.
This double-shot of Italian auteur Andreas Marfori exemplifies the filmmaker’s take of society’s fears and anxieties within the post-authoritarian cultures of Eastern Europe.

Content Warning: Extreme Gore and Sexualized Violence
English subtitles
Cast & Crew Interviews