Bakerman Collector’s Blu-ray #14

Horror | 83 min. | Denmark | 2019 | TRAILER
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Swing your razor wide

Never corner a baker. Jens (Mikkel Vadsholt) has accepted far too much for too long. Being the shy night-owl he is, he keeps to himself, but the world will not let him be. The new master baker’s quality starts slackening, and when a bunch of yobs one day smash the window of Jens’s car, he takes one of them out with a tire iron. Intoxicated by his own new unexpressed vigour, Jens comes out of his shell, but the destructive driving force leads him towards a free fall…

David Noel Bourke has consistently worked from making underground genre films
to stylish arthouse works, culminating in this disturbing Danish counterpart to ‘Falling Down’.

Headed by the always solid Mikkel Vadsholt (The Sunfish), who here manages to arouse our empathy
in a role of a reserved man who has difficulty coping with the light of day.

Directed by David Noel Bourke. Starring Mikkel Vadsholt, Brian Hjulmann, Siir Tilif, Mia Lerdam.

Audio Commentary from the Director & Star
Making-of/Deleted Scenes
Introduction by Mikkel Vadsholt
Festival Interview with the Director
Soundtrack-only Audio option
Original “White Pig” Pilot Footage
16-Page Full-Color Booklet