THE ATTIC Collector’s Blu-ray #11

Horror | 88 min. | USA | 2007 | TRAILER
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A month after Emma Callan (Elisabeth Moss) and her family move into their seemingly picture-perfect Victorian home, Emma starts to have ghastly visions of a girl who appears to be her insidiously evil doppelganger. Since no one else has seen this entity, Emma is faced with two terrifying prospects: Either she’s going insane or she’s actually being haunted by a malevolent spirit; a spirit determined to destroy anyone who dares delve into the dark mysteries of The Attic. This is an intense supernatural horror/thriller from the director of Pet Sematary!

Starring Elisabeth Moss (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) and Alexandra Daddario (“Baywatch”, “Texas Chainsaw”), and directed by Mary Lambert, director of “The In Crowd” and Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”.

16-page Booklet featuring never-before-published Production Photos!
Filmmakers’ Audio Commentary (NEW!)
Exclusive Slipcover