New Spring 2023 Releases from Darkside Releasing!

EYES OF DREAD, from the makers of Alien Goddess, this sexy, bizarre Euro-Shocker is the follow-up companion piece to last year’s popular Alien Goddess, with just as much (if not more) of the original’s dark and surreal aesthetics. Blu-ray features include interviews with the cast and crew (plus more).

UNDERNEATH: AN ANTHOLOGY OF TERROR, a clever, dark, bloody, and utterly twisted horror anthology with stories and characters that weave through the terrifying Lovecraftian narrative of horror and insanity. Blu-ray features include a director’s commentary and an isolated score (plus more).

FAMILY HOME, a socially-conscious, suspenseful single-setting slow-burns, produced during the COVID lockdown, which befittingly accentuates the trapped setting for the refugee characters who get placed into a government safe house, only to find that it’s anything but. Blu-ray features include the director’s statement on the film with behind-the-scene photos.