New info for our AUG. 25th releases – including the amazing “SHHHH!”…

COMING NEXT WEEK, Aug 25th, the Dual #Bluray release of SHHHH will include an amazing 50-minute documentary on the New Beverly cinema in L.A., focused around its co-founder Sherman Torgan and will include interviews with the late Sid Haig and a handful of other New Beverly personalities and regulars. Also on Aug 25th the Red Letter Day #VHS will be available (!!) this is NEW info — and thanks to the awesome crew at Videonomicon, this is Darkside Releasing’s first-ever VHS release! Additionally, we totally forgot to mention earlier this week that the Blitzkrieg/Bloody Ape #UndergroundHorror DF Bluray (in partnership with Wild Eye Releasing) will include an Exclusive set of 7 replica lobby-card postcards! Only from the #darksidereleasing web store!!
#darksideondemand (also Aug 25)