International Shipping on Blu-rays & Exclusive Special Features

Thank you very much to all of our fans and customers who have spent the past couple of weeks purchasing the new #blurays from #darksidereleasing! As mentioned last month, we’ve unfortunately had to increase the price of our international shipping (outside of North America) due to rising shipping costs — however, to our wonderful fans in the UK, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and everywhere else we ship to around the world, please take note that the shipping increase will automatically be applied to every TWO Blu-rays — meaning, international shipping, which is now $10.50 CAD, will apply to UP TO TWO Blu-rays. So, it will be $10.50 CAD to ship ONE OR TWO Blu-rays. It will then be $22.00 CAD to ship THREE or FOUR Blu-rays. So the new international shipping will be automatically applied on a sliding scale. We thank everyone for the gracious understanding. Additionally, the list of Blu-rays containing EXCLUSIVE special features if purchased directly through our official site is:
Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BloodMania, Girls,Guns and Blood Movie, Take Back the Knife, The Millennial Killer, and Day Of The Stranger. (And most still have their exclusive slipcovers available — but they are limited!) #wildgenrefilms #darksideondemand
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