Some Slipcovers, Booklets going OOP soon at Darkside Releasing…

Blu-ray notification for 2020: Just as the “Amazon Hot Box” Collectors’ Edition is no longer available with the slipcover and booklet, a few of our other limited editions are now running low on stock… and once these version are gone, Darkside Releasing will no longer be offering these titles with Slipcovers or the 16-page booklets — and will only be available in Single-Disc Editions. (Not that not ALL of the titles are Dual-disc to begin with, but the ones that are will soon be strictly Single-Blu-rays). Titles include “Kyrsia – Tuftland”, Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “Bloodmania” (which currently comes with a limited PIN!), “Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains”, and Rob Grant’s “Yesterday”, We’re not sure how long the supply will last, and we`re going to sell them right down to the wire — and for our rabid fans an collectors, please take advantage of the special MULTI-PACK-DEAL available right now!

And, as always, thank you to our loyal fans and customers!


(Last chance to get these Blu-rays with Slipcovers and 16-page Booklets!)

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