NEW TITLES upcoming from Darkside Releasing!

Happy weekend, everyone! We wanted to take this Saturday afternoon to announce some of our very, very amazing (if we do say so ourselves) recent additions to the Darkside Releasing genre film family! Including Writer/Director David Noel Bourke‘s phenomenal BAKER MAN FILM, James Saito‘s Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BloodMania, Soner Rock Films Productions‘ newly restored (and never-before-seen) sexploitation Dames & Dreams from 1972, Hussein Juma‘s experimental micro-budget thriller “My Dinner with Dread”, Stefan Ruf‘s insane Sex Terrorists on Wheels Feature Film and most recently Matt Storc‘s indie-hipster revenger Take Back the Knife! Very much worth mentioning, BAKERMAN leading actor Mikkel Vadsholt picked up the best actor award at a film festival in Italy earlier this summer! Congrats!! We are very excited about these upcoming releases and we’ll have further updates here and on over the next few weeks! #wildgenrefilms