Kyrsya-Tuftland, Odissea della Morte, and Lonely Hearts come to Blu-ray! From Darkisde Releasing…

Kyrsyä – Tuftland
Kyrsya? ? Tuftland Film Still

Kyrsya-Tuftland comes to Blu-ray via spectacular Collerctors’ Media Pack from Darkside Releasing! Kyrsya-Tufland, the arthouse Finnish hillbilly backwoods horror opus that graced the big screen at last summer’s Cinemafantastique is now available the and – the new release includes exclusive behind-the-scenes interview plus a second Blu-ray disc featuring the 90-minite making-of documentary, “From Stage to Screen”, which chronicles the creation of Kyrsya-Tuftland from its origins as a stage play to the casting process, the production, and all of the trials and tribulations that came with bringing this gorgeously-shot and engaging Finnish horror story to the big screen.

In addition to Kyrsya-Tuftland, Darkside Releasing’s final re-issue of Odissea della Morte (the last installment of the neo-giallo trilogy, starring Tristan Risk, Momona Komagata, and Lynn Lowry) gets its own dual-Blu-ray Media Pack release also on February 19th. The extensive bonus features included on this release are only paralleled by last week’s Valentine’s Day release of Sam Mason Bell’s and Jessica Hunt’s erotic reality-horror Lonely Hearts, which may be our biggest special-feature-packed release to date, and includes a bonus Blu-ray disc dedicated to an entire collection of short genre films from the filmmakers!

Please enjoy Darkside Releasing’s new Collectors’ Series Blu-ray releases – available now through our official website and!