Darkside Releasing Newsletter – June 2018, Part II

house-of-vhs-pic (B11)Awesome announcement! In huge news, Darkside Releasing has now officially launched its own Vimeo On-Demand platform, where we’ll be making new features and mid-length films available each month from now on! To help launch our new digital rental & download platform, we’re featuring the European haunted house / horror-comedy HOUSE OF VHS, available exclusively in Canada from Darkside Releasing! Produced by Darkside Releasing’s own David Aboussafy (producer of the upcoming Amazon Hot Box), House of VHS was written and directed by Gautier Cazenave and is also available on a special Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from Darkside Releasing.


…“Director Gautier Cazanave takes his love of VHS and old-style horror films and creates a movie that is destined to become a cult classic. Horror fans will definitely be wanting to track down a copy…!” says HEAVY Music Magazine (2016).

Stay tuned for more amazing news this summer, especially as CINEMAFANTASTIQUE 4 is happening in Vancouver, August 25th at the Vancouver International Film Centre (Vancity Theatre)!