White Night – World Sales – 2020

Drama | 87min. | Canada | 2017 | TRAILER | CONTACT

Six Stories, Five Directors, One Night. The film unfolds during Nuit Blanche, a massive annual all night, city wide, art festival. It follows six different interweaving stories — an artist questioning her place in the world; a fired lawyer dons a superhero mask; two high school friends reuniting, that might finally become more; a lost traveller constrained by a language barrier; an altered observer, who lives to capture life through his lens; and a dedicated volunteer, more focused on others than the art. All are in a period of transition in their lives, and on this one night, they will all come together, connecting, and changing each others lives forever.

White Night was shot entirely in one night by the five different directors.

“Inspired by the spontaneous creativity on display.” The Globe and Mail
“A clever cinematic conceit… White Night crafts a convincing portrait of the city.” The National Post
“Engaging performances from its ensemble cast.” Now Magazine

Starring: Jonathan Keltz, Natalie Brown, Sara Mitich, Parveen Kaur, Kimberly Laferrier, Adam Booth, Darrell Faria, Stevie Joffe
Directed By: Dan Slater, Matt Purdy, Brian Hamilton, P.H. Bergeron, Sonny Atkins