VOD: New Releases


Anna and the Dead

When her parents decide to separate, sixteen year old Anna Brooks, a narcoleptic, is sent to spend the summer in a small coastal town with her aunt and uncle, Jennifer and David, who hold some very antiquated values. Suffering traumatic hallucinations, Anna also witnesses several bizarre and sinister incidents involving the townspeople, creating palpable feelings of paranoia and anxiety, leaving Anna unsure of who to turn to for help. Also available on Blu-ray

Beyond Fury

Michael Walker, an ex-Special Ops agent, has turned his back on his past and is about to start a new family with his wife Claudia. But a chance encounter with a crime syndicate foot soldier wipes out his future and sets off a brutal series of events, leading to bloody vengeance and redemption, reawakening the savagery that had earned Michael Walker, in his previous life, the moniker “Angel of Death”. (The FINAL CHAPTER of the FURY TRILOGY – Totally Uncut!) Also available on Blu-ray

Brides of Satan

When a happy young couple in the dawn of love are kidnapped by a gang of thrill-seeking strippers “The Brides of Satan”, a brutal and terrifying evening unfolds, leaving the lone heroine to stand hard against the looming forces of darkness and evil! Featuring a dynamic cast of indie cult film and adult goth & fetish performers, including Mindy Robinson, Malice McMunn, Joanna Angel, and Rachel Rampage, director Joe Bizarro’s crowd-pleasing genre film is executed with slick cinematography and rapid-fire editing in the vein of Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez. Also available on Blu-ray

A Day of Violence

Mitchell Parker lies dead on a slab in the morgue. But before this, Mitchell served as a debt collector for all the filth and scum that the city had to offer. And when he stumbled across $100,000 in cash hidden in the sofa of one of his “clients”, a journey of redemption is kicked off, inevitably careening through violence and sacrifice. Hunted by the gang whose money he’s stolen., Mitchell races to evade capture while trying to rid himself of his demons once and for all. (Part TWO of the FURY TRILOGY) Also available on Blu-ray


A new Crime-Thriller from the makers of “Lonely Hearts”, “Monstrous Disunion”, and “The Truth will Out”. Thomas Chalk, Member of Parliament, will stop at nothing to ensure that his path back to political power is clear, enlisting the help of his “FIXER”. The Fixer then takes Chalk’s son under his own wing, leading him on an urban socio-political odyssey of horror and twisted conspiracies and double-crosses. Also available on Blu-ray

I Scream on the Beach

Halloween, 1986: in a small seaside town, Emily tries to discover the truth behind her father’s disappearance as her friends start getting picked off one by one by an unknown killer. “I Scream on the Beach” gleefully celebrates the heyday of 80s slasher films and VHS exploitation, and has won multiple awards during its 2020 European and North American genre film festival run. The film co-stars Lloyd Kaufman from Troma and creator of The Toxic Avenger! Also available on Blu-ray

No Right Turn

Nina, a beautiful femme fatale, is saddled to her lunatic drug-crazed boyfriend Johnny, a bragging small-time crook. But when Nina meets Monella, an artistically withdrawn soul whom Nina persistently tries to seduce, Nina’s hidden agenda surfaces as she persuades Monella to help her steal Johnny’s hidden cash, and together they stage a fake kidnapping, which turns into a series of failed and insane plot twists in this sexy, pulp-driven kaleidoscopic thriller. Also available on Blu-ray

Sudden Fury

The last film to star late cult film celebrity David Warbeck (“The Beyond”). Randall and Jimmy are an up-and-coming crime bosses with eyes firmly fixed on their rival’s cocaine stash and criminal empire. When Randall and Jimmy hire legendary hitman Walker (Nick Rendell), to take out their nemesis Harris., things start to go wildly out of control – Randall double-crosses Jimmy and the hitman Walker with plans to take over the entire drug distribution network through the whole South coast of England. But Walker, the legendary hitman, is now on the warpath and screaming for Randell’s blood, throwing gasoline on the fire with every step he takes towards vengeance. (Part ONE of the FURY TRILOGY) Also available on Blu-ray

Writing Kim

Annie (Destee Klyne) is an ambitious young writer who visits her affluent, married, friend, Kim (Alison Lynne Ward) at the home she shares with her husband (Stevie Jay) and young son (Jett Klyne). As Annie works on her writing in this informal retreat, she becomes increasingly inspired and intrigued by Kim’s charismatic charm and seemingly fluid sexuality. Also available on Blu-ray