Tortured [Uncut] – Blu-ray #40

Horror | UK | 2011/2021 | 61 min. [uncut] | TRAILER
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– 2011 Original Audio Commentary
– 2021 New Audio Commentary (Uncut Version only)
– Making Of / Behind the Scenes Featurette
– Producers’ “Grindhouse” Trailer
– Interviews with Director & Producer (Uncut Version only)
EXCLUSIVE SLIPCOVER (Uncut Version only, Limited/While supplies last!)

Two notorious convicts, Quaid and Kurk, escape from prison, and as they flee the country, they abduct a seemingly random woman, using her as a hostage to protect themselves from the pursuing police. But Quaid has hidden motives for the abduction that Kurk doesn’t know about, and when he finds out, high emotions lead to a deadly game of cat-and-mouse fueled by jealously, deceit, lust, and murder.

Directed by: Jason Impey. Starring: Nick Stoppani, Rami Hilmi, Michelle Young.