Tortured [R-Rated] – Blu-ray [NO Slipcover]

Horror | UK | 2011/2021 | 57 min. | TRAILER
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– 2011 Original Audio Commentary
– Making Of / Behind the Scenes Featurette
– Producers’ “Grindhouse” Trailer
PLEASE NOTE that this version does NOT come with a slipcover.

Two notorious convicts, Quaid and Kurk, escape from prison, and as they flee the country, they abduct a seemingly random woman, using her as a hostage to protect themselves from the pursuing police. But Quaid has hidden motives for the abduction that Kurk doesn’t know about, and when he finds out, high emotions lead to a deadly game of cat-and-mouse fueled by jealously, deceit, lust, and murder.

This restored “R”-Cut was recut and remastered by Darkside Releasing; and differs from the original UK “censored” cut in that it maintains more of the footage of director Jason Impey’s original vision, trimming out some shots that some audiences may find themselves sensitive to a decade after the film’s first release. However, as a friendly warning, this “R” version is still a hard-hitting exploitation film by any standards.

Directed by: Jason Impey. Starring: Nick Stoppani, Rami Hilmi, Michelle Young.