Escape Room: Quest of Fear – World Sales – 2019

Horror | 111 min. | Russia/Italy | 2019 | TRAILER | CONTACT

Moscow: In the cold Russian winter, the young Stepan is preparing to celebrate his birthday on Halloween. His friends are with him. Attracted by the calling of disturbing messages from an entity that manifests itself through a Ouija board, the friends decide to celebrate the evening by going to a “Quest”, or as it’s also known in the West, an Escape Room. When they arrive, the group is assigned to escape mad cannibal psychopaths let loose in the labyrinth of an old Moscow palace. At first the game seems fun, but soon an old blood vendetta sets off the Quest Master, who has sent a real sect of sadistic mad killers against the young group, who suddenly find themselves in a frantic search for an escape from the maze of the game itself and the incomprehensible paths taking shape in the anguished minds of the bloodthirsty antagonists. Quest for Fear is also based on a series of Moscow’s urban legends.

directed by Andreas Marfori
written by Paola Mingoni
produced by Victor Boulankin and Andreas Marfori
starring Tatiana Novik, Alexander Savin, Yuri e Vladimir Torsuevy