Brides of Satan – Dual Blu-ray #28

Horror (Sexy Horror!) | USA | 2021 | 82 min. | TRAILER
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Audio Commentary by the Filmmakers
Short Film: “Rad Roommates”
Photogallery: Stills & Alternate Posters
EXCLUSIVE DISC 2: The Making of Brides of Satan (Full Feature-Length)
EXCLUSIVE SLIPCOVER (Limited/While supplies last!)

When a happy young couple in the dawn of love are kidnapped by a gang of thrill-seeking strippers “The Brides of Satan”, a brutal and terrifying evening unfolds, leaving the lone heroine to stand hard against the looming forces of darkness and evil! Featuring a dynamic cast of indie cult film and adult goth & fetish performers, including Mindy Robinson, Malice McMunn, Joanna Angel, and Rachel Rampage, director Joe Bizarro’s crowd-pleasing genre film is executed with slick cinematography and rapid-fire editing in the vein of Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez.

Director: Joe Bizarro. Cast: Mindy Robinson, Malice McMunn, Joanna Angel, Rachel Rampage.