Collectors Series

The Darkside Releasing Collectors’ Series Blu-rays curate exciting genre films from independent and international filmmakers, holding them in the same regard that distributors like Arrow and Criterion hold classic genre films from past eras. Including exclusive “special features” content, limited cardboard slipcovers, and 16-page full-color glossy booklets; and with most editions boasting a DUAL Blu-ray package. In order to help facilitate our passion for physical media in this ever-changing world of media, all of our Blu-rays are officially authorized MOD BD-Rs, which are carefully manufactured in-house with first-hand supervision.

Most Blu-rays ship worldwide (plus standard shipping). Click on the items for more info and to order:

“[REVERSED is] a dynamic collage, complete with one of the best audio backing tracks I have heard in the genre for many a year!” ~ Cosi Perversa

“AMAZON HOT BOX is F*cking brilliant… Chock full of gals, guns and pure excitement… Believe me, there is nothing out there like Amazon Hot Box and there never will be” ~ Blaine McLaren, The Farsighted Blog

“5 Movies, 5 Days, 5 Bucks” [E-Book]:

Book_Cover_v2_5movies “A wildly entertaining, vivid, and poignant first-hand take on independent filmmaking and how it really went down behind-the-scenes of mass video distribution during the heyday of the Video Store era!”

Written by Vince D’Amato, director of Vampires vs. Zombies and Human Nature, author of the monthly “Absolute Horror” column in the Canadian print maazine Absolute Underground, and guest lecturer for UBC’s Cult Film class in their Department of Film & Cinema Studies.

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