Odissea della Morte Collector’s Dual-Disc Blu-ray #7

Erotic-Thriller | 75 min. | CANADA/ITALY | 2018 | OFFICIAL TRAILER
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“A love letter to the works of David Cronenberg and Jess Franco, executed in D’Amato’s unique take on the giallo film”. ~ Film Bizarro

Selected as #13 in Film Bizarro’s “Top 30 of 2017”!

ODISSEA DELLA MORTE (Odyssey of the Dead) is a wildly kinetic film that shifts from murder-mystery to dreamy and erotically-charged surrealism. Brivido Giallo Films’ contemporary, wordless, operatic imagery of fetishised sex and violence serves to close out a loose trilogy of new giallo films, inspired by the gialli of the 70s and 80s, and starring celebrated cult film stars Momona Komagata (“Peelers”), Dan Ellis (“Bloodshock”), burlesque starlet Tristan Risk (“American Mary”, “Amazon Hot Box”), and cult icon Lynn Lowry (“Shivers”, “The Crazies”, “Cat People”).

Directed by: Vince D’Amato (Vampires vs. Zombies; Glass). Starring: Momona Komagata (Peelers), Tristan Risk (The Editor, American Mary), Lynn Lowry (Cat People).


16-page Booklet
Interviews with the Cast and Crew
“Valley of the Rats” alternate Canadian and Film Festival versions
Audio Commentaries on alternate “Valley of the Rats” versions
Introduction on alternate versions by actress Momona Komagata
Short Film: “Alphamem”
Music Composers “The Mugshots” LIVE in Italy!