Senseless – Blu-ray

Horror/Supernatural | UK | 2022 | 72 min. | TRAILER
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– Director’s Audio Commentary.
– Interview with star Ryan Carter & director Sam Mason Bell.
– Short film “When The Daemon Takes Its Toll”.
– Behind-the-Music short documentary.
– Trailers.

After Jason storms out on his wife following a heated argument, he avoids returning home and instead hides out in the nearby woods. But something old and dark dwells in the forest, an evil that entices Jason at every step; an evil that has survived by stealing souls from those lost within the dark recesses of the woods – and now it’s preying on Jason’s soul to feed its unyielding hunger. Jason must come face-to-face with the manifestation of this hounding evil, as well as his own growing darkness, if he’s going to survive the night and escape being trapped in this purgatory by the thing in the forest.

Director: Sam Mason Bell. Starring: Ryan Carter, Ella Palmer, Jackson Batchelor