Like a Dirty French Novel – Blu-ray

Noir-Comedy | USA | 2022 | 78 min. | TRAILER
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Straddling the line between the absurd and the vulgar, Like a Dirty French Novel is a campy pulp-noir that takes hilarious twists and turns as it follows a mysterious woman in the deserts surrounded by a cult-masked group, two gun-toting thugs executing a kidnapping plot, a rare comic book, and a mysterious woman who makes sexually-charged phone calls to an intrigued – and somewhat frightened – man, which is all linked to a mischievous set of pookas. …“For a film shot-on-the-fly with no budget under pandemic restrictions: just wow. This film is twisty-scripted, nicely shot, Giallo-expertly lit, and the acting — done by the cast for the love of the craft with the need to create “something” to quell the lockdown madness — is well-concentrated, with everyone on-point with their characters.” – B&S About Movies

Director: Mike Cuenca. Starring: Brittany Samson, Jennifer Daley, Amanda Viola