The Black Fables/Dark Swamp – Blu-ray

More totally bonkers horror from the makers of The Black Forest!
Supernatural Horror / Splatter | Brazil | 93/100 min. | 2015/2008 | TRAILER 1 | TRAILER 2

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THE BLACK FABLES: A group of kids embark on a macabre adventure populated with the supernatural characters of Brazilian horror culture — the werewolf, the witch, the ghost, the demonic monster, and a creature called the Saci, in this off-the-wall Brazilian take on the traditional horror anthology.
DARK SWAMP: Luiz tries to escape from a swamp infested with zombies, while trying to save the life of the girl he’s had a crush on his entire life.

Directed by Rodrigo Aragon, José Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe).