A Day of Violence/Sudden Fury – DUAL Blu-ray

Violent Crime Thriller | UK | 2010 | 91min. | TRAILER 1| TRAILER 2
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Director’s commentary
Deleted Scenes
“The Crime Trilogy” Documentary, Part 2
Director’s commentary
Deleted Scene
“The Crime Trilogy” Documentary, Part 1
PLEASE NOTE that the Exclusive Double-Sided Slipcover is no longer available.

A DAY OF VIOLENCE: Mitchell Parker lies dead on a slab in the morgue. But before this, Mitchell served as a debt collector for all the filth and scum that the city had to offer. And when he stumbled across $100,000 in cash hidden in the sofa of one of his “clients”, a journey of redemption is kicked off, inevitably careening through violence and sacrifice. Hunted by the gang whose money he’s stolen., Mitchell races to evade capture while trying to rid himself of his demons once and for all.

Director: Darren Ward. Starring Nick Rendell, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Tina Barnes, Fabrizio Santino.

SUDDEN FURY The last film to star late cult film celebrity David Warbeck (“The Beyond”). Randall and Jimmy are an up-and-coming crime bosses with eyes firmly fixed on their rival’s cocaine stash and criminal empire. When Randall and Jimmy hire legendary hitman Walker (Nick Rendell), to take out their nemesis Harris., things start to go wildly out of control – Randall double-crosses Jimmy and the hitman Walker with plans to take over the entire drug distribution network through the whole South coast of England. But Walker, the legendary hitman, is now on the warpath and screaming for Randell’s blood, throwing gasoline on the fire with every step he takes towards vengeance.

Director: Darren Ward. Starring: Nick Rendell, David Warbeck, Paul Murphy, Andy Ranger.