Eyes of Dread – Blu-ray #54

Supernatural Horror | English | 2023 | 105 min. | TRAILER

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– Interviews with the Cast and Crew
– Short Film “Phantoms of Fire”
– Includes EXCLUSIVE SLIPCOVER (while supplies last!)

After 13 months, the body of Anna’s sister Nina is still missing. Refusing to believe that she’s dead, Anna arrives in the dark, dangerous city where Nina last lived to search for her. But Anna’s own psychic sensitivity quickly turns her surroundings into nightmares as phantoms from the darkness try to communicate with her – and they have something to say about Nina’s mysterious disappearance. But one malevolent presence is willing to do anything in its power to keep Nina’s secret concealed.

Directed by Andreas Marawell. Starring: Malin Saine, John La Briola, Karin Engman.