Kinbaku Collection – Blu-ray #37

Erotic/Pinku | Japan | 2012 | 140 min. | TRAILER 1 | TRAILER 2
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Two full feature films: “Kinbaku: Flower” & “Kinbaku: Moon”
Kinbaku/Pinku Erotic Trailer Reel
EXCLUSIVE SLIPCOVER (Limited/While supplies last!)

These modern “Kinbaku” beautiful and erotic classics from Japan are available for the first time in North America from the genre film distribution compnay Darkside Releasing! Co-starring Chiyoko Nanashino (Mai-Chan’s Daily Life) and Yume Aihara (Rape Zombie Side-Story)

CHAPTER FLOWER: Waking up on a stage, Sayaka and Tsuda find themselves confined by evil mastermind Ando working with Sayaka’s husband, Yamazaki. Disovering the adultery of his young wife and his secretary, Yamazaki asks Ando to use “Kinbaku” (bondage) as punishment for his wife’s betrayal — but Sayaka’s reaction gradually changes by Ando’s skilled and erotic bondage technique.

CHAPTER MOON: Mizuki, a female manager at a trading company, is abducted abruptly and wakes up firmly tied up and hanging by rope over a strange performance stage at the hands of the mysterious bondage master But soon Ando turns his rope and skills on Satsuki, a woman who may have caused the death of Mizuki’s husband in the past…

Language: Japanese
Subtitles/Captions Language: English (Hardcoded)