Pink Collection: Blood Bead – Blu-ray

Erotic/Pinku | Japan | 2015 | 108 min. | TRAILER
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“Blood Bead” complete & uncut original version
Kinbaku/Pinku Erotic Trailer Reel
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Shuji Tokita (Eiji Okuda) is a film director and a professor at a university who is going through a difficult time trying to film his new movie. Uninspired, he believes his movies should reflect his own personal experiences. When he crosses paths with the fascinating and beautiful student Ritsuko (Yukino Murakami) on the street, he immediately becomes enthralled with her, and they begin an erotic relationship as she becomes his new muse. But when he puts her in his new film, his life starts to unravel and his reality turns delusional as he begins to lose his sanity.

Blood Bead stars popular Japanese performers Yukino Murakami, Eiji Okuda, Keiko Takahashi, and Fujika (Takashi Miike’s Visitor Q and Flower & Snake II). Darkside Releasing is extremely proud to present this classically erotic “Pink” film in North America for the first time!

Director: Banmei Takahashi. Cast: Yukino Murakami, Eiji Okuda, Fujiko, Shiori Doi, Tasuku Emoto, Keiko Takahashi

Language: Japanese
Subtitles/Captions Language: English (Hardcoded)