No Right Turn – Blu-ray #29

Crime/Noir | Denmark | 2009 | 91 min | TRAILER
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Director’s commentary
Director’s Film Fest Q&A
Deleted Scenes & Blooper Reel
“Twists & Turns” Behind-the-Scenes
EXCLUSIVE DOUBLE-SIDED SLIPCOVER (Limited/While supplies last!)

Nina, a beautiful femme fatale, is saddled to her lunatic drug-crazed boyfriend Johnny, a bragging small-time crook. But when Nina meets Monella, an artistically withdrawn soul whom Nina persistently tries to seduce, Nina’s hidden agenda surfaces as she persuades Monella to help her steal Johnny’s hidden cash, and together they stage a fake kidnapping, which turns into a series of failed and insane plot twists in this sexy, pulp-driven kaleidoscopic thriller.

Writer/Director David Noel Bourke is a highly celebrated independent crime/thriller auteur in his native Denmark. He is the director of the intense revenge thriller “Bakerman”.

Director: David Noel Bourke. Cast: Sira Stampe, Laura Bach, Tao Hildebrand, Lars Lippert.