Monstrous Disunion – World Sales 2021

Horror/Dark Satire | UK | 2021 | 70 min. | TRAILER | CONTACT

It is the day of the EU Referendum and Britain is about to change forever. When Maddie returns home from university with two friends in tow, she expects to clash with her family’s views but had no idea just how bad things would get. Her dad makes bad jokes, her mum makes a fuss, and her hometown seems to be populated by raging, murderous, pig monsters. From the producers of “Mask of Thorn”, “The Truth will Out” and “Lonely Hearts” comes a twilight-zone style sledgehammer horror which throws a dark light on the battle between Brexiters and Bremainers.

Written by Sam Mason Bell & Jackson Batchelor. Directed by Jackson Batchelor. Starring Jessamie Waldon-Day. Martin W Payne, Janette Evans.