The Truth will Out – Odyssey Blu-ray

Horror | UK | 2020 | 87 min. | TRAILER

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Audio Commentary
Behind-the-Scenes Interviews with the Cast and Direactors
British Horror Trailer Reel

A documentary crew interviews a woman and her two daughters, who they suspect are witches.

And so begins the new surreal horror opus by Sam Mason Bell and Jessica Hunt, the directors behind the subversive indie horror flicks Lonely Hearts and The Millennial Killer. The dynamic independent filmmaking duo return with their low-budget horror masterpiece – The Truth Will Out – and it’s overflowing with style and utter creepiness in the style of alluring indie horror-thrillers like The House of the Devil and V/H/S.

Thomas Laboss, the host of Hard Streets UK, hits the road interviewing families and different culture across the UK, uncovering the truth and being his usual exploitative self… But there’s something a bit more sinister about this new family, and he may not get out of this one alive.

“[A] hidden gem! A witchcraft-themed indie horror which is highly entertaining throughout.” ~IMDb

Directed by: Jessica Hunt & Sam Mason Bell. Starring: Jessica Hunt, Kevin Cordell, Suki Jones, Sam Mason Bell, Jackson Batchelor, Kayla Charlton.