Summer Bestsellers are now Back in Stock!

Thank you again to all of our loyal fans and customers who purchased and pre-purchased their #blurays #physicalmedia from us over the summer, and as promised, anyone who missed out of the first round, these titles are now back in stock! #BridesofSatan #ChrisAlexander #BloodDynasty #BrazilianHorror #horrormovies #indiehorror

New Blu-rays back in stock soon!

Originally posted on DARKSIDE RELEASING:
Hello, thank you to all of our wonderful fans and customers who have bought out The Black Fables/Dark Swamp Brazilian Horror Double-Feature and Chris Alexander’s Blood Dynasty over this past weekend! Rest assured while these titles are now TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT, they will be back in stock ASAP and we’ll…

New Tales from Darkside Releasing on Sept. 7th, 2022

3 NEW releases for Darkside Releasing, the last three of the summer of 2022! The “Sexy & Twisted Tales” bundle includes a re-release of cult director Chris Alexander’s BLOOD DYNASTY, plus two brand new (and somewhat bizarre) releases: Mike Cuenca’s Lynchian-Noir-Comedy LIKE A DIRTY FRENCH NOVEL and Sam Mason Bell’s supernatural and gritty indie-giallo SENSELESS, … More New Tales from Darkside Releasing on Sept. 7th, 2022